Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Ten Extremely Degrading Rap Songs Towards Women...

Women know them, and they love them; they're degrading rap songs towards women. It doesn't matter how degrading, how many hoes they say they're banging, and whatever else they could possibly say, women will listen and dance to these songs every time they're out. So here is my list of degradation what's yours?

10) Hootie Hoo by Outkast: Any song about what a woman's vagina makes you say when you're inside of it has to make this list. It's kind of catchy, but still very much degrading. 

9) Smack That by Akon: Oh yeah, you gonna watch him smack that all on the floor, and smack that till you get sore. I mean really girls, do you listen to the lyrics or do you just back your ass up on anything with a beat to it?

8) Shake That Ass by Eminem and Nate Dogg: It's all about women shaking their ass for them. Just listen to some of the lyrics with it and you'll also realize why. 

7) Bitches Ain't Shit But Hoes And Tricks by Dre, Snoop and two other guys: I think the title is self explanatory for this one.

6) No Hands by Waka Flocka: Drop it to the floor, he love the way that booty go and all he wants to do is sit back and watch you go while he proceeds to throw his cash. Sounds extremely respectful. 

5) Alphabet Bitches by Lil Wayne: Pretty much any song that Lil Wayne sings is degrading towards women, I just picked this one because I read the lyrics. Plus he's referring to his women as bitches, it doesn't get much more degrading than that.

4) I Wanna Fuck You by Akon: This title is another one that is self explanatory. And he's watching you winding and grinding up on that pole and you now the rest of the story. He wants to fuck you. 

3) Wait Till You See My Dick (the whisper song) by Ying Yang Twins: Oh, his chorus is talking about beating the pussy up. You know how many girls I've watched just grind to this like no one's watching? If the number was one it was way too many. 

2) Heidi Hoe by Common: Old school, hardcore cursing and bitching out women all in one song. Take a listen, if you're a guy you'll laugh, if you're a girl you'll be appalled. 

1) Wildflower by Ghostface Killah: I was actually appalled when I heard this song. I did my research and I'm pretty sure my number one choice right here is definitely the most degrading song I have ever heard towards women. But there is one thing we still know. Women will still dance to it. 


  1. How can you leave out Play by David Banner?

  2. it was considered i just had to make a cut somehow i wanted to put it up

  3. Good day! I just have seen that the RSS of this site is working correctly, did you complete all the properties on your own or you simply left the default settings of the widget?

  4. So sophisticated by lil Wayne ... Hell he'll nut on your face and call you cry baby.(. or how could I forget its the first line) catch a Biggs nut and go refridgerate it